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How do you feel about Jarida? Would you ever make a Jarida video?


Yeah, I’m definitely open to vidding Jarida. 

I’m just a lazy, slow vidder and I usually only finish things that I’m realllllly passionate about. And since I ship Jarida less than other ships, I haven’t finished a vid for it yet. 

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I just want to say that Maggie I love you and you bet your sassy little mouth I’m going to finish a makorra video just for you because you deserve that and much more my dear.

Makorra til the cows come home. 

they’re not coming home.

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I’m actually crying because of shipping emotions and feelings right now.

What is this? This never happens. UGH. Get away from me. 

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I’ve looked and haven’t seen one of these for Dreamworks. So here we go. 

Basically, be critical of all film studios, including DreamWorks.

Note: Whenever I say Dreamworks, I’m referring to Dreamworks Animation. When I say Disney, I’m referring to the Walt Disney Animation studio only. 

quick note though. dragons is set in a norse environment and the norse countries at the time and still now for the most part ONLY/MOSTLY had white EUROPEANS.

wasn’t Frozen’s setting heavily model after Northern Europe? That certainly didn’t stop tumblr from complaining. 

Ah yes. Cause Dragons make sense but not PoC. It’s not complaining. It’s valid criticisms.

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Sorry, I was MIA from tumblr recently. What's happening to the Korra fandom?


Absolutely ludicrous commentary, backlash, and bickering in regards to shipping.

Basically, what’s always happening in this forsaken fandom. 

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How I feel about the korra fandom right now:

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Been to two One Direction concerts now and they are like…legit not bad.

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Commissioned by the talented artist  

She does amazing art and was the one who created this modern Zuko and Katara for me. 


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Being on Tumblr is the most relaxing and exhausting thing all at once.

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Haven't heard from me in a while and may I just say ILY GRRRRR YOU MAKE ME MAD CUZ YOURE SO AWESOME

AHH! Hey dear! 

And you are an absolute sweetheart. This is the kindest message I’ve received since I uploaded that video, haha. >.<